Mar 04, 2020

Mar 04, 2020

Feb 10, 2020

Mar 04, 2020

PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma Certification- Benefits of Lean Six Sigma PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma Certification is a Computer Networking certification developed and organized by PEOPLECERT systems to validate the competencies of Network experts in the configuration, Troubleshooting, deployment, administration and Installation of devices on small, medium and large size PEOPLECERT Networks. Certified Lean Six Sigma experts rank among the top three highest paid IT experts in the world, the certification itself validates the skills of an individual in areas such as;
  • Routing and Switching,
  • Network Design,
  • Voice,
  • Wireless,
  • System Architecture, and
  • Service Provider Operations.
The demand for PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma certified experts often  surpass the supply, and It companies often look out for certified individuals when hiring , this means PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma experts do not spend much time in the job market.  PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma Certifications also have high credibility because holders of such certifications need to re-certify themselves every 3 years in order to upgrade their knowledge of the field. Career advancements and Salary Increment are great advantages of having PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma certifications. Lean Six Sigma certifications will increase your opportunities for promotion and this will enhance your hierarchy in any field you find yourself. With a Lean Six Sigma certification, you can get as much as 100% salary increment or more steadily. Another benefit of having a PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma certification is that it provides a stepping stone for other advance certifications. Lean Six Sigma certification is a major pre-requisite for other certifications such as Lean Six Sigma Voice, Lean Six Sigma Wireless, and Lean Six Sigma Security. Some Universities will also give you some credits that will skip some courses for you when pursuing some higher degrees in related PEOPLECERT fields. The PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma Certification is the perfect choice for kick-starting a career in computer Networking. PEOPLECERT certifications like Lean Six Sigma can be the better option when comparing it with the likes if Microsoft because Lean Six Sigma offers a more extensive approach in training and practical hands-on experiments. Getting the first PEOPLECERT Certification might a little tougher , but if you can achieve it , getting other advance certifications can be easier. PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma certification offer employer benefits. Aside from the individual certification and career benefits associated with Lean Six Sigma, organizations who hire such experts will also benefit  because such certification demand a higher standing and it offers a competitive edge in the saturated IT industry. The Lean Six Sigma Certification is quite flexible in nature as it allows individuals to combine it with other certifications from other vendors. The Lean Six Sigma certification gives you the opportunity to become a professional member of the PEOPLECERT Partner group- this group is specifically designed for recent and old PEOPLECERT Certified experts to contribute their intellectual knowledge and to help other members in different capacities. Becoming a member of PEOPLECERT Partnership group will give you access to a number of local and International jobs , you will also have access to discount seminars and lectures specifically designed for members.  PEOPLECERT partners often have the privilege to test new PEOPLECERT devices when they are released into the market, they also get discounts when purchasing new PEOPLECERT technologies. PEOPLECERT Lean Six Sigma certification is one of the most sought-after certifications among the numerous enterprise IT departments , a certified Lean Six Sigma expert is qualified to work as a Support Engineer, Network Administrator and Network Technician. Just like other PEOPLECERT Certifications, Lean Six Sigma holders are expected to recertify every 3 years. According to recent IT salary surveys, Lean Six Sigma holders will earn as much as 75,000$ or more depending on their years of experiences- starting salaries may range between 45,000 and 55,000$ depending on the IT company. One benefit you will enjoy having a Lean Six Sigma certification is that you can use the PEOPLECERT Logo on your resume , this will definitely give more credibility to such resume.
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